Google Chrome has reached almost 10% of the browser market - Cell phones

Google Chrome has reached almost 10% of the browser market - Cell phonesAccording to a report by Analytics firm NetApplications, Google Chrome has almost doubled its market share in 2010, reaching 9,98%. These figures are particularly impressive, given that the Internet browser from Google appeared only 2 years ago and last year took up only 4.6% of the market. Looking at the results of Chrome, it is also interesting to note that the main market player, Internet Explorer, for these two years has significantly lost ground. So, at the time of launch Chrome, Microsoft belonged to more than two third of the browser market. By the end of 2009, its share fell to 62%, according to the latest data - is only 57%. Among the reasons for this decline in the popularity celebrate many reasons. The most frequent schema changes browser analysts call transit users with IE, Firefox and Firefox to Chrome. As a result, in the phase of recession was not only IE, but also Firefox, which has lost about 2% of its share since the beginning of 2010. An additional factor was the popularity of the Apple Safari browser, which is widely used as a mobile browser on iPhone and iPad..

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