Impressions from the game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Cell phones

Impressions from the game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Cell phonesSome few years ago it seemed that the series Need for Speed finally slid into mediocrity and it's close. However, we now can say with certainty that one of the oldest auto racing series is in no danger. Producers of Electronic Arts, has given up trying to fit in one game all popular elements of race games. They shared the Need for Speed in two directions. To compete with new parts Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport on the number of machines and the realism of their behavior on the road will be playing sub-Shift, while the brand ease of Need for Speed has moved in line of Hot Pursuit. Veterans racing games everyone should say the mere name of the game. The subtitle of Hot Pursuit for the first time appeared in the third part of Need for Speed, released in 1998. In this game for the competition between racers added another side - the police, trying them in every possible way to prevent it. Of course, the police were present and in the very first Need for Speed, but it is in Hot Pursuit, they were the Central feature. Thus, a new game throws everything in the concept of Need for Speed over the last decade and returned to the basics - hard, beskompromissnym chases. Well, who knows this better than the Creator of the series Burnout Studio Criterion? She entrusted restart Hot Pursuit. New Need for Speed - pure arcade racing, with no pretensions to realism. However, it does not go away completely fiction, as, say, the game Split/Second, where rivals in the race, you can bring down almost natural disasters. Machine in a new Hot Pursuit is equipped with accelerator "nitro" and several weapons. The scale of "nitro" is gradually filled during the race, while faster if you perform various tricks. For example, if at the last moment to avoid collision with the oncoming machine. I must say that the effect of "nitro" is not particularly strong, but the maneuverability of the vehicle immediately falls practically to zero. "Nitro" is only useful in certain areas of the track, in particular, direct and sharp turns, for instant recovery speed. As befits a game with the subtitle Hot Pursuit, an important role in the race is given to employees of the traffic police. Police are active participants of the gameplay. So, the single player mode is equally divided on a mission for riders and mission for the "cops". The essence of most of the tasks among riders is that you need to come to the finish first. You can participate as full-fledged races, and in duels. Police also organize raids and on the whole race, and individual riders. Funny, for the arrest is the destruction of the offending machine. When playing as the police have riders the streak of energy, which decreases with each collision or weapon hit. In addition, both the racers and the police have missions where you just need a certain time to drive the route. Wrong turn Like in Need for Speed III, all the tracks are the new Hot Pursuit is located outside the city limits. No streets and tracks, only nature. Often the way you can cut, once some of the bypass path. However, such paths are not always help. To ride him harder, and distance to finish sometimes decreases slightly. To pass the mission in any order. When you get tired of being persecuted, it is possible to become a Stalker. The missions rewarded with experience points. Over time, the racer is becoming more dangerous Lautem, and the policeman is progressing through the ranks. The higher the rank, the more available machines. Each replenishment fleet accompanied pathetic roller, which, unfortunately, cannot be skipped. Now about the weapons. And the racers and the police is available in four fixtures. This is, firstly, common to both spikes that machine reserves. When using extremely useful rear view mirror, but you need to take into account that the spikes are emitted with a small delay. The second General weapon - pulse cannon. She, on the contrary, you want to fight with those who are traveling directly ahead. To use the gun is not easy, because it also takes time for pickup. During this time the player needs to go right for the purpose. If the enemy made a sudden maneuver or gone away, the sight strays, and the shot is wasted. The remaining types of weapons racers and police are different. The rst turbo muffler accelerator and radar. Turbo is not an example stronger "nitro".

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