Oven for drying wet cell phones invented in Japan Cell phones

Oven for drying wet cell phones invented in Japan Cell phonesThe Japanese company Thanko has released a special oven that is designed for drying of mobile phones, which fell into the water. Currently such devices available to consumers in some household appliances stores. There for a little money (about $ 12) you can try to dry your phone, which fell into the water (be it the sea, a puddle, the toilet or any container with liquid), RIA Primamedia with reference to Newsru.com. The process takes half an hour and in some cases really works. If the Dryer Box will not help, the client will simply return the money. In the past, the same company was pleased consumers an MP3 player that fits in the ear, and the stapler function UDB hub. Every year water kills millions of mobile phones. Experts advise in case of ingress of water into the machine, or, as is usually the case, the device in the water as quickly as possible to remove from your phone, battery and not put it back up until the machine is not dried and cleaned. This condition is defined by the fact that in a moist environment under the influence of electric current is the so-called electrochemical corrosion, which is detrimental effect on the operation of electrical circuits of mobile phone. Independently perform the drying of flooded phone is not recommended, as for quality drying required complete disassembly, but it should do the experts in the workshop. After water ingress into the phone, else he might have some time to work, but this does not mean that it is healthy. If you wait with calling customer service, the phone will most likely save will not succeed. Many users make the mistake of believing that they can perfectly dry the flooded cell phone in the sun or using a conventional dryer. Without complete disassembly of the apparatus, it is impossible to dry the moisture inside the internal cavity of the device and under the chip. Putting the battery and turning on the phone, seeing that it is functioning and thinking that has completely dried you not notice how under the influence of electricity and moisture will progress electrochemical corrosion. The longer you use this cell phone, the stronger will be the consequences of this process. Up to the absolute impossibility of repairing the handset when it spontaneously turns off and never turns on..

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