Mobile feeder for mobile hosts - Cell phones

Mobile feeder for mobile hosts - Cell phonesHigh technologies are designed to make life easier not only for people and their Pets are their hosts, leading an active lifestyle, often not enough time. To solve the problem are a lot of inventions that facilitate care for Pets. One such invention is a mobile feeder for dogs from SK Telecom. In advance raspenava the diet of the dog, the host loads the food in the container, where it will be supplied with servings on a signal from a mobile phone. About the emergence of a new portion of the feed will show a special melody calling pet for dinner. Make sure that the loved dog was found food and a good meal will help webcam, final set for remote feeding of dogs. Having a mobile feeder, can not be afraid that your Pets in a fit of hunger will Parisot furniture or tear into shreds favorite Slippers owner stuck at work. Have to wait for the advent of mobile devices for cleaning the animals, and then to their owners will finally come Paradise..

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