Bookstore Google opens up to the end of the year Cell phones

Bookstore Google opens up to the end of the year Cell phonesGoogle Inc. before the end of the year will open its own store of e-books. This writes the Wall Street Journal, citing a statement by the project Manager Scott Dougall (Scott Dougall). Initially, the Google Editions will work in the United States and its European version will be launched later in the first quarter of 2011. It is noted that in Google users will be able to purchase books directly from the Internet company and book retailers like Amazon or Barnes&Noble. In this case, all purchases will be automatically attached to your Google account. After purchasing the book, users will be able to read it using almost any device that has Internet access and a browser. Thus, e-books can be read on the computer screen, smartphone or tablet. For the first time on developing bookstore Google became known in the fall of 2009. Then the Director of Google's strategic partnership Tom Tarwi (Tom Turvey) stated that Editions will open in the first half of 2010. Subsequently clarified that the store should be launched in June-July, but in the end this did not happen. It is believed that the reason for the delay was the difficulty in the negotiations between Google, book retailers and publishers..

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