The WoW developers will create a tactical team shooter - Cell phones

The WoW developers will create a tactical team shooter - Cell phonesStudio Red 5, founded by former developers of World of Warcraft, announces its first project at the exhibition Pax Prime, which will be held in autumn 2010. The representatives of the Red 5 said the portal Big Download. The staff of the press center of the company has described the game as "tactical team shooter". Previously, the founder of the Studio, Marc Kern (Mark Kern said that Red 5 will do multiplayer online projects. According to the information Eurogamer, spring 2009 mark Kern said that in the new game instead of a huge static world developers want to create a game space, which would be changed because of the actions of the players. "This is the basis of our concept," said the producer. Earlier it was reported that in 2006, Red 5 has bought a license for the engine Offset Engine and uses his "heavily modified" version for your pannsylvania project. The engine was created by Offset Software for a game called Project Offset, the development of which was abandoned after Intel bought the company in 2008. The first trailer for the game showed the species in the third person and highly detailed fantasy world. Founded in 2005, Red 5 has long remained in the shadows, and her first project there was no information. In early 2010, the company faced financial difficulties and decided to reduce its staff. Later Red 5 was partially redeemed Chinese game publisher The9 for $ 20 million..

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