The Prado Museum has discovered a painting by Brueghel the Elder - Cell phones

The Prado Museum has discovered a painting by Brueghel the Elder - Cell phonesIn Spain it was discovered a previously unknown painting by the Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder "Wine in St. Martin's Day", reports BBC News. The canvas was in a private collection. When the owners, who did not know about the true value of the canvas, decided to sell the picture, they turned to the Prado Museum to the experts carried out the restoration work. In the recovery blade in its lower part was detected the signature of Bruegel. The Prado Museum has already begun negotiations to purchase the painting, however, official information about what amount of the offer for the canvas, no. According to the information of the Spanish publication El Pais, we are talking about the sum of seven million euros. Thus, according to the newspaper, the auction price of the painting can be no less than 25 million euros. Canvas is one of the most important works of Bruegel, its size is 148 on 270,5 cm. It is assumed that the artist worked on it between 1565 and 1568 year. The painting depicts a young wine festival: about 100 people crowded around the barrel to be the first to try the drink. "This is a very significant event. It is unlikely that we will ever be able to accidentally find another work of Bruegel. There are only about 40 paintings by this artist," said the Minister of culture of Spain ГЎngeles gonzГЎlez-Sindh..

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