Scammers need money for upgrade Adobe Reader - Cell phones

Scammers need money for upgrade Adobe Reader - Cell phonesThe next wave of spam emails hit the users, forcing them to download the update the most popular free Adobe Reader, and paying for this action is $20, reports Softpedia. However, the world-famous developer has nothing to so assertive authors. Unknown scammers send millions of emails in the subject line which refers to the need to perform a software update Adobe Acrobat Reader 2011 for Windows and Mac. While Adobe does not use the numbering of the years in the names of their products, including the rulers Reader and Acrobat. Cunning stroke of cyber hackers lies in the fact that at this time, Adobe is really upgraded the software product, but it is called Adobe Reader X. letters of spammers in addition are some of the improvements that really are new versions of the program. Spammers send users to the site, which contains the announcement of the PDF 2011, unrelated to Adobe. When loading users are prompted to choose VIP support plan with full protection from intruders with ETD scanner for a year for the fee is $1.49 per month. Adobe has issued a warning to all users that Adobe Reader is a free product and can be updated freely through the menu "help"-"Check for updates" in the interface..

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