Samsung Electronics turned the laptop inside out - Cell phones

Samsung Electronics turned the laptop inside out - Cell phonesThe developers have introduced a new device called the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series. The new tablet runs on Windows 7 operating system that is running the Intel Atom processor. Slider tablet has multi-touch display with a diagonal of 10.1 inches. The keyboard is under the monitor, which fits 81 key. In addition, there is a module Wi-Fi, USB ports and HDMI, accepted and memory card format microSD. Sliding PC 7 Series is intended for a wide audience of users. According to manufacturers, it will be convenient not only to work but also to watch movies, to work with office applications, edit photos and videos. Quite convenient, compact laptop. Tablet-slider Sliding PC 7 Series will be available in March of this year. The cost Slidind PC 7 Series is still unknown. According to the developers, this year will increase the volume of sales of the new compact device built using the latest technologies..

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